Liza’s Legacy

In 2004 Liza Hagusa started Mother Me. She started with 1 doula (her) and $1. It was an exciting time filled with trials and tribulations. She always treated negative experiences as a learning experiences, and her passion never wavered.

She was also diagnosed with MS in 2004. Endless hours of hard work paid off as her business and reputation grew. Getting clients from the movie industry, and prominent locals proved she was doing it right. She worked hard, and tried to fulfill the needs of every client and every doula. As a result, Mother Me consistently won the “Best Of” award. She was involved in her community serving on PAC and sitting on some New West city boards.

Her dedication was acknowledged with nominations for a Women of Distinction Award, and Female Entrepreneur of the Year. She enjoyed teaching the doula course at several community colleges. She was proud of getting Mother Me services covered under some extended medical benefit plans. She was an advocate for women suffering postpartum depression. Liza always said her life revolved around her 3 M’s. Mother Me, and Mio - her daughter.

Liza lost her MS battle in June 2022. As per her wishes, and with the help of her family and her outstanding staff Mother Me continues to operate. Liza’s legacy will be the continued success of the company she built.

Mother Me is Vancouver’s premiere postpartum Doula agency.

We have grown steadily over the last 15 years. Along the way, Mother Me has been voted the “Best Doula and Midwifery Agency” for three consecutive years from Westcoast Families and I have been nominated twice for the “Entrepreneurial of the Year” award from YWCA and RBC.

Since starting Mother Me, it has developed into a highly regarded professional agency with 32 Post-Natal doulas, including RNs and LPNs.

We are committed to ongoing professional development, staying up-to-date with the latest information regarding the best care for your family.

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